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2 Governments Support Bitcoin – CoinShark

In support of the openness and accessibility of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, its White Paper was posted on their Government websites by Colombia and Estonia

WP of the first cryptocurrency hosts more and more independent sites. The reason was Craig Wright’s lawsuit against the sites and for copyright infringement.



Wright has repeatedly spoken out that he is the very anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto – the developer of Bitcoin. However, this is highly doubtful. He did not prove his authorship in any way. But his lawyers do not eat their bread for nothing. The Bitcoin whitepaper was recently removed from

But the administrator of the site took a circular defense. He stated that WP is hosted under the MIT license. This means that he has the right to post on the site technical documents distributed under an open license. This is exactly what, according to him, the White Paper of Bitcoin is.

If Wright were really Satoshi Nakamoto, he could have verified his identity long ago with a public PGP key. However, he never did. Accordingly, his legal claims are null and void.

Wright is often criticized for his attempts to lay his hands on the public domain. And Changpeng Zhao even called him a disgrace to the crypto industry.

2021-01-26 20:53:57

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