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Allegra Hard Fork To Take Place On Cardano Blockchain

December 5, 2020 / news


Hard fork Allegra will take place on Cardano blockchain in mid-December. This is a major step towards the next important update to Goguen.

The upcoming upgrade will increase the efficiency of the Cardano blockchain, as well as add a token lock feature.

“Blocking in this case means the reservation of a certain number of tokens for a certain period of time so that they cannot be used for various purposes. For example, to vote or execute smart contracts, ”wrote IOHK developer Kevin Hammond.

The project team did not mention the exact date of the upcoming update. It is expected that it will be activated on the main network in mid-December.

Kevin Hammond also drew attention to the fact that hard forks on the Cardano network occur in a slightly different way than in most other blockchains.

For quick and easy implementation of changes, the history of previous blocks is preserved, and the previous version of the blockchain is “expanded” with the addition of new characteristics.

“Instead of splitting into two different chains, Cardano combines the original blocks that operate under the current rules with new blocks that operate under the new rules,” the developer posts.

He also added that soon the Cardano network will integrate custom tokens that can be used alongside its own ADA cryptocurrency.

Recall that the previous major Shelley update was activated by Cardano developers in July 2020.


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