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DeFi will have 100 million African users in 3 years

Developing countries will provide tremendous support to the DeFi sector over the next three years. This was announced by the co-founder of the cryptocurrency project Cardano Charles Hoskinson

In his opinion, in just three years the number of users of DeFi projects will increase by 100 million people due to the influx of users from developing countries.

It is in regions such as Africa that people are most interested in peer-to-peer loans, insurance and payments. Not some hypothetical guy from New York.

In the West, such projects have no chance of gaining popularity due to burdensome regulation. And in emerging markets, a more flexible regulatory framework conducive to innovation.

DeFi will help build liquidity for users in poor countries. This will enable them to accumulate and protect wealth. “We created Cardano for this purpose,” said Charles Hoskinson.

In this regard, Cardano plans to establish leadership in the DeFi space by acquiring partners in the African continent.

2021-01-15 22:24:30

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