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Google Trends: Defi and Bitcoin Requests Dropped

According to Google Trends, user interest in Bitcoin, as well as interest in DeFi, is waning.

Interest in the number of requests is usually related to price changes.
In the first week of September, Google gave Bitcoin’s popularity a 51/100 rating. Compared to its popularity last year. This indicates a decrease in its popularity in queries. In half of the time Bitcoin prices plunged in early September, interest in the largest market capitalization currency dropped to 41/100.

DeFi, a cut from decentralized finance, peaked at the end of March when Bitcoin was at its lowest level this year and its price fell amid uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Then, over the next few months, people’s interest declined.
In early September, DeFi skyrocketed to 99/100. This is thanks to the explosive growth of interest in DeFi this summer, when investors poured billions of dollars into the latest crypto boom in just a few months.

As people’s interest in Bitcoin has remained relatively stable this year, interest in Ethereum is expected to grow.




2020-10-12 03:10:00

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