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 Dear users, in honor of the launch of Bitcoin fork, the new generation of Bitcoin Ultimatum (BTCU), which will be held on 27th of OctoberCoinsbit exchange announces a large-scale Airdrop!

🎯Especially for the Airdrop, the Coinsbit exchange has launched a token – Coinsbit Bitcoin Ultimatum Token (CBU), which was initially implemented on smart contracts ERC-20 standard, and after launch of Bitcoin Ultimatum fork on smart contracts in the BTCU network. All owners of CBU tokens will be able to swap their current CBU tokens (ERC-20) to CBU tokens in the BTCU network.

💠Coinsbit Bitcoin Ultimatum Token will give users access to unique features on the exchange, as well as additional bonuses and privileges.

◾️Emission of token is limited: 1 000 000 000 CBU.

📔 Instruction for participating in Airdrop from Coinsbit and BTCU:

1️⃣ Register on website (for new users )

2️⃣ Pass KYC on Coinsbit ( for users without KYC )

3️⃣Subscribe to one of the official Coinsbit resources:

4️⃣Subscribe to any of the three official BTCU resources:

5️⃣Make a repost about the CBU Airdrop in three different social networks, such as: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, VK and etc.

For fulfilling all conditions a user will receive CBU tokens in the amount of 500$ (5000 CBU tokens)

💥Additional tokens for activity:

⚡️Share info about BTCU – write a description of the fork, your opinion, or a review of the fork in any of the media resources, such as: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, VK and etc.

🏆For fulfillment of this condition the participant will receive tokens in the amount of 100$ (1000 CBU).

🏆For every 100 likes
 on your fork post, you will receive tokens in the amount of 10$ (100 CBU)

🏆For each repeated posting in additional media resources, the participant will receive tokens for the amount of 10$ (100 CBU).

🏆For posting information in a social network with a large audience coverage (from 5000 subscribers, readers, or views), a participant will receive tokens for the amount of 100$ (1000 CBU) for each additional post.

🏆Posting a review of the fork in TikTok or Youtube – participant will receive tokens for the amount of 50$ (500 CBU).

To check if the conditions are fulfilled, please fill out the Google forms:

1. To confirm that the basic conditions have been fulfilled – Google form
2. To confirm additional activity – Google form

In case of registration on the exchange using your referral link (at the time of the Airdrop action and if the conditions are fulfilled by the registered referral) participants will also receive additional rewards:

new users – 100$ 💵(1000 CBU token)
10 new users – 200$ 💵(2000 CBU token)
20 new users – 400$ 💵(4000 CBU token)
40 new users – 800$ 💵(8000 CBU token)
100 new users – 2000$💵(20000 CBU token)

‼️Attention: users registered by referral link have to fulfill Airdrop conditions.


🔹Unique Staking Pool for CBU – each Airdrop participant will receive Influencer BTCU rank and access to CBU Staking Pool.

🔹Every week among the participants of Staking Pool CBU will be drawn prizes in BTCU for the amount equivalent of 2500$ 💵 (10 000$ per month). The drawing of prizes will be held during the year, in total, BTCU for the amount of 120 000$💵 will be drawn.

🔹0% trading commission for BTCU trading pairs on Coinsbit for Airdrop participants – during 3 months.

🔹Each participant of the Airdrop will also automatically receive a rank – Crypto recruit and also additional bonuses from Coinsbit.

‼️Tokens will be credited within two weeks after the end of Airdrop

The Airdrop will last from 10/10/2020 to 31/01/2021

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