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NTerprise: R&D Financing Tokenization on Ethereum Main Network

Fundraising and crowdfunding is a key challenge of R&D projects and initiatives assets allocation. Centralized procedures don’t allow the industrial and academia project managers and proposers to raise their required funds in scaling up stage once a plan is initiated. In order to fix some challenges and key issues on R&D projects fundraising and crowdfunding, NTerprise is launched to provide a solution according to decentralization capabilities and blockchain technology maturity.
The “NTerprise” token is built on Ethereum main network as a verified source of an ERC-20 smart contract.


After passing an initial ICO and pre-sale round stage, the executive team of NTER token decided to extend the launchpad and run the second stage to buy the NTER token with 10% bonus until 10 January 2021. During the period, token buyers will receive their tokens.

Distinguished Points of View:
The executive team of NTER token evaluated the multi-factorial objectives of launching the token as an ease of use, transparent and peer to peer case for facilitating the trade and exchange purposes as a utility token. In summarized, the main points of view are:

  • Built on Ethereum, ERC20 Utility Token to perform in ETH main network
  • Contributors decentralization through a secure and peer to peer network
  • Assess and manage the R&D fundraising process using assets tokenization offerings

How to contribute with NTER Token profits and facilitate its trade and exchange?
Founding partners include technical, market analysis and legal advisory entities those help the NTerprise platform are trying to promote and accelerate the token trade and exchange platform by listing it on centralized and decentralized exchanges. It aims to warrant a secure, peer to peer and ease of use decentralized financial trading ecosystem using tokenized Proof of Stake (PoS) transactions.

Corporate partners who are active R&D laboratories, investment firms and venture capitals have shown their interests to raise fund, plan and investment or share a capital through the NTerprise platform. While R&D labs are strongly encouraged to use this platform for their fundraising purposes, venture capitals and investment firms can try their long term investment approaches on emerging, lucrative and strategic R&D initiatives.

For using by traders and token holders, collaborated decentralized and centralized exchanges are the right places for swapping and pairing the NTerprise tokens with major cryptocurrencies to facilitate the trade purposes for contributors. In regard to NTerprise nature of activities, it doesn’t support any fiat currencies in R&D fundraising tokenization.

According to NTER token’s roadmap and strategic vision, the community should support over 50K active traders by facilitating the exchange and trade with other pairs on centralized and decentralized exchanges and help the fundraising for R&D projects by financing tokenization.
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