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Polkadot’s roadmap for full launch fuels rally to all-time highs

There is now a clear path to finally using Polkadot, but issues with the testnet suggest there may be delays.
The Polkadot (DOT) project released a detailed roadmap on Monday for the highly-anticipated rollout of parachains and slot auctions, which should mark the full launch of the protocol.The roadmap is divided into three main stages. The current phase is the Rococo testnet environment, where developers can test mechanisms to communicate between various Polkadot parachains, its analog of shards. The platform uses a mechanism called Cross-Chain Message Passing-lite, or XCMP-lite, to allow parachains to send tokens and generalized messages to each other by going through Polkadot’s relay chain, the central coordinator of the network.The Rococo testnet was launched in August 2020, but the component features have yet to be fully completed. Once details like dispute resolution and approval voting are completed, the Polkadot code base will finally reach feature completion.However, that won’t mean that the parachains will be implemented just yet. The next stage will be holding a vote to enable parachains on Kusama, Polkadot’s “canary network.” Kusama can be considered as a middle ground between a testnet and a mainnet, featuring a higher tolerance for experimentation while still holding real economic value.Once the parachains on Kusama are stable, and all audits are completed, an …

2021-02-16 13:34:58

Andrey Shevchenko

Bitcoin News Network

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