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Renowned Forex Analyst and Influencer Shadi Abdou Joins Wisebitcoin’s Advisory Board

Celebrated forex teacher, trainer, and analyst Shadi Abdou joins Wisebitcoin’s growing team to help make inroads into new markets and expand outreach to new demographics, including novice and professional traders.

Wisebitcoin is happy to welcome Shadi Abdou to the Wisebitcoin Advisory Board. Mr. Abdou’s arrival comes soon after the additions of financial trading and cryptocurrency experts Andrew Chae and Sangwook Lee to the Wisebitcoin Advisory Board.

Wisebitcoin has been designed from the ground up to provide users with a secure, optimized, and performant trading experience. As a flagship one-click trading-enabled platform for web and mobile, Wisebitcoin is part of a cloud network of 280 global cryptocurrency exchanges that boasts daily trading volumes of over $6 billion and over 15 million active users.

To provide worldwide crypto traders with a wide range of trading services and investment opportunities such as spot and futures trading as well as guarantees of unprecedented levels of liquidity that are needed for fast and fair crypto transactions, Wisebitcoin has partnered with many of the leading brands and thought leaders in the cryptocurrency and decentralized financial services spaces to bring enterprise-grade trading and security to users from all backgrounds.

Mr. Abdou is a lifelong analyst and trainer and is a member of the Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts. For over 15 years, he has been an active trader in the forex market and has worked as an educator in both English and Arabic-speaking communities. His work has been featured on influential platforms such as “Forex from 360 Degrees,” an online …
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2021-04-08 13:54:14

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