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Zilliqa Price Analysis – ZIL Price Surged Nearly 25%

Zilliqa ( ZIL) price has had good Progress this week. Currently, ZIL price trading at $0.051415 against USD with 17% high over the last 24 hours.

This Asset has an all-time high price of  $0.231489 USD in May 2018 and all-time low was recently on March 13, 2020 ( $0.002477 USD ).

With a Transparent volume of 9%, the token is currently trading on 65 top crypto exchanges with a market cap of $551.86M with a massive trading volume of $205,652,992 with a ranking of 44.

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Short Term Price Analysis of Zilliqa ( ZIL)

At the time of writing, the coin has increased by 25.54%  against USD and is trading at $0.050977 USD. In terms of ZIL/BTC, the price surged up to 24.19% trading at 0.00000224 BTC respectively.

Currently, the coin is ranking in 44th position, holding market cap  $551,806,722 USD with $205,652,992 USD 24 hour volume and 10,767,482,144 ZIL circulating supply.

Opening the trade with $0.042829, ZIL spiked 25% high. The Asset is trading at $0.050895 with the next resistance level at $0.051124 and having Support $0.043069. The MACD Indicators are bullish and show ranging signals and the RSI indicators are also bullish. 

Updates on 2021 Releases from the Core Team

  • Zilliqa  is all set to launch a Governance portal in January 2021
  • February 2021, the Mainnet upgrade v7.1.0
  • March 2021, polyNetwrok bridge is scheduled to go live
  • A DEX platform ZilSwap v2.0 is scheduled.
  • In June 2021, Pillar protocol is scheduled to be launched which will be governed by ZIL holders.

2020-12-19 05:25:00

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