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Cardano stake pool ranking: Top 5

What is Cardano (ADA)?

Cardano is an open-source blockchain-based platform founded in 2017. It enables users to send and receive digital funds, store and track their transaction history, and more. Cardano stake pool ranking is one way of determining which Cardano ADA pools are the most reliable and secure.

How to Choose Cardano Staking Pools

When choosing Cardano stake pools, it is important to consider the size of the pool (number of Cardano ADA validators), as well as its reputation for reliability and customer service. Additionally, users should consider factors such as fees, rewards structure, and minimum staking requirements. By taking all these factors into account, Cardano stakeholders can pick the best Cardano stake pool for their needs.

Cardano stake pool ranking

The top 5 Cardano stake pools ranked by size (number of Cardano ADA validators) are:

CardanoPool is one of the largest Cardano stake pools, with over 68 million Cardano ADA staked in it. It has a reputation for being secure, reliable and providing excellent customer service to its users.


PoolTool is an established Cardano stake pool with more than 56 million Cardano ADA staked. It provides a selection of tools to help users optimize their Cardano ADA investments and make the most of their Cardano stakes.


SatoshiLabs is a Cardano stake pool that has gained popularity for its reliable Cardano ADA staking services. It currently holds over 45 million Cardano ADA staked and is a trusted Cardano pool.


CardanoStake is another established Cardano stake pool with more than 33 million Cardano ADA staked in it. It was founded by Cardano enthusiasts and has been providing reliable Cardano ADA staking services for many years.


StakeHound is a newer Cardano stake pool that has quickly become one of the largest, with over 30 million Cardano ADA staked in it. It provides users with detailed information about their Cardano stakes and how to maximize their rewards.

Cardano stake pool ranking: Conclusion

These Cardano stake pools represent the top 5 Cardano stake pools ranked by size (number of Cardano ADA validators). Each Cardano stake pool offers its own unique features and advantages, so stakeholders should evaluate them carefully before making a decision. With the right Cardano stake pool, Cardano stakeholders can make sure their Cardano ADA investments are well-protected and optimized for maximum rewards.