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Mining Disrupt 2022

The Mining Disrupt Expo and Conference is hosting its fourth annual event – once again bringing together the innovators, disrupters, and professionals minting blocks. Attendees can expect to hear from some of the industry’s most influential leaders, including BitFarms’ Ben Gagnon and Maddox Business Development’s David Descoto. Gerald Wilkie, President of HMTech Inc., and Steven Spicer, president & CEO at Hut8, will also be in attendance to share their insights on the mining industry.

What to expect at Mining Disrupt 2022

This year’s Mining Disrupt will be all about “The Innovators, Disrupters, and Professionals Who Are Minting Blocks.”

With over 30% of last year’s attendees being first-time visitors, Mining Disrupt is the perfect opportunity for those new to the mining industry to learn about the latest innovations and disruptors shaping the future of mining.

For those more experienced in mining, this year’s event will provide an opportunity to network with fellow professionals and learn about the latest trends affecting the industry. With a focus on mining technology, attendees can expect to gain insights into the latest mining hardware, software, and services that are driving efficiency and productivity in the mining industry.

Should I attend Mining Disrupt 2022 if I am not a miner

Absolutely! Mining Disrupt is the perfect event for those interested in learning about the mining industry and the latest innovations shaping its future. The expo floor will feature the latest mining hardware, software, and services, while the conference sessions will provide insights into the industry from some of the leading minds in mining.

Whether you are a mining professional or simply someone with a passing interest in mining, Mining Disrupt 2022 is the perfect event for you.

Highlights from the conference include:

  • Insights from industry leaders on the latest mining technology and developments
  • Networking opportunities with mining professionals from around the world
  • A focus on mining efficiency and productivity
  • The latest mining hardware, software, and services on display